My Night Time Pursuits

Chasing runaway dreams,
Looking for footprints on cold winds,
Reaching out a clumsy hand to grasp a gossamer gown,
Of the, oh so evasive, dear lady Sleep.
Turning over fallen leaves,
To find the spilt drops of imagination;
Rolling away, just out of reach.
Peeping inside unopened rose buds,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of a shy desire of passion,
Hiding in the yet coveted fragrance of the innocent petals.
Sitting under the starry sky, watching the night fold, like a letter, eagerly yet lovingly,
From a loving heart to yet another one.



Porcelain Smile

She lay there in her bed, sleepless, cold under the sheets, on a pillow of longing, hugging herself to make the cold go away. The cold that seemed to seep down to her soul, the cold that froze all her dreams, all her songs.

She lay there curled up and thought of him. Fighting those thoughts, trying to push those moments out of her mind was in vain. Many a nights were lost in the fruitless effort. So she gave in to those memories, his face that smiled at her when she closed her eyes, the absence of his warm broad chest when, shivering, she hugged herself even tighter. She had given in to the pain of his memories, to the torture she inflicted on herself when the world lay asleep around her.
She was a pretty normal person by daylight. All petty conversations, fake laughs and superficial jokes. The things enough for the people to put you in the “normal” category and leave u alone. All that was done to earn the little peace of mind when she showed up at work with reddened eyes and dark circles, accompanied with an abnormally cheery smile that never touched her eyes. The peace of mind when that dumb smile shut up all the unconcerned questions about the tears showing from the corners of her chocolate eyes. People, she thought!
She lay there night after night. Remembering some nights his lips on hers. Some nights she thought of how he used to squint in the sunlight as they lay on the grass, and when she shaded his eyes with her fragile hand, he used to smile, at ease, and call her name softly.


A Place To Call Home

The wind that was caught in ur hair ..
The sunlight that lost its way in ur eyes ..
The perfume that lays in a forgotten drawer ..
The dacing shoes with worn soles ..
The scarf that once warmed ur nose on a snowey eve ..
The half-finished glass of summer lemonade ..
The round-rimmed glasses that made u look like elton john ..!

That’s where i live ..
That’s where i live …!


Tomb stone

And with her sank her smile;
The laughter which rang ..

And with her sank her eyes;
The way they shone ..

And with her sank her words;
The stories she wove ..


And naught remains but the wind to moan her eyes ..

And naught remains bur the rain to cry to her stories ..

And naught remains but the moon to bear her smile ..



When I’m with You

And when the clouds touched my feet ..
And the moon rolled over to sleep …
The far star shone more bright …

And when the leaves all sway in the wind …
And their rustle blows through my hair …
The silent snow smiles …

And when i hear your foot steps in the waves …
And the ocean is all blue, entranced …
The shore holds on to the shells much stronger …

And when the rain is all inside and out …
And when the sky is like a knight so proud …
I stand on your shoulders; reach out and touch it’s chin ….

For there is, much, much love within …



He’d never Know

He would never, maybe, know why I insisted to keep his coffee mug when he left, for long periods, for work. I could never tell him how the coffee from that mug reminded me of his tender warmth on my lips. And couldn’t possibly describe to him the smile that spread across my face when my glasses steamed over & I couldn’t help but remember how he drew that silly face on them when he’d be around …